Phone Consultation  Free

Initial Consultation to discuss goals and customized options for success. The consultation generally lasts 15-30 minutes. 

Single Session $135  

One private session for relaxation or to focus on a target goal.  Perfect option for relaxation and stress relief.  

Three Session Package $345 

Focused sessions to change habits and achieve your target goals.  Three private sessions, customized to your individual needs and comfort level to fast track your success. ($115/each)

Four Session "Habit Changing" Package $405 

Four is the number where many clients begin to experience true transformation. These four private sessions provide thorough and focused support in helping you reach your goals. (@$101/each)

Six Session Package $575 

Life Coaching, personal discovery and enrichment, self improvement or professional success.  Six life changing sessions, customized to your personal or professional goals. (@$95/each)

Small Group Hypnosis Session

Schedule a group session of 3 to 10 in your home or meeting room, on your desired topic and focus. For details, call or email for this cost-effective option: (614) 636-5858 or

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holding YOU back?

I use a variety of tools and techniques 

              to help you reach your goals!  


      Methods include:

Serving the needs of Columbus,

We offer solutions for losing weight, quit smoking, building confidence and any other self improvement you can imagine!

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