Custom Improvement Sessions

Many clients benefit from sessions specifically targeted to their unique situations.  With a custom improvement session, I partner with you to develop an optimal approach to your unique situation.  We work together so you can learn more about yourself, explore your subconscious responses, and create a program to help you reach your goals.

Customization is extremely effective, with a primary goal creating alignment between your conscious and subconscious minds and "re-programming" your brain to prompt desired responses.   There are many methods we can use to reach this result:  Hypnosis, Life Coaching, NLP,
BWRT®, WSN Personality Profiling, Six Sigma, etc.

Cost of Custom Improvement Sessions (all prices shown below will have tax added at purchase):

  • One Session - $99
  • Three Session Package - $255
  • Four Session “Habit Changing" Package - $297 
  • Six Session Package - $420

*Payment on multiple session packages may be split over the sessions with signed payment agreement and pre-booking of all sessions