"5 months ago my gorgeous puppy was attacked on the street outside our home, he was fortunately ok but my nerves were shattered having pulled the dog off him, just as we rebuilt confidence 5 weeks ago he was taken very ill and there was a risk I would lose him.

I'm sure that the doggy lovers amongst us will empathise with the sleepless nights and worry I experienced for the 7 days he was ill. Whilst he recovered over the coming weeks I grew increasingly anxious on dog walks and then became hyper-vigilant, especially when he was bounding off lead. It culminated in a small panic attack which was a first for me as I have never experienced symptoms like it.

Colleen offered her help and last Saturday completed a BWRT® session via Skype with me. I am so pleased to say that over the last 7 days I have been able to walk my boy in peace and calmly, so grateful as I didn't want my worry to rub off on him, a huge thank you to Colleen, it's made such a difference. X X"

Nicky E.

Crawley, England

"I drank some coffee and just looked at the cigarette pack, after a few minutes I decided to light one and see what happened. I took a puff, exhaled & it tasted horrible. I ended up just watching the cigarette burn…I’m thinking progress..."

Connie B.

Marysville, Ohio

"More than ninety-five percent of your brain activity, as you consciously read this sentence, is being used by your subconscious mind."

Kevin Michel,

Moving Through Parallel Worlds to Achieve Your Dreams

life coaching, Hypnosis in Columbus

"I originally came to see Colleen for a custom hypnosis session in hopes that it might alleviate some of the stress and anxiety associated with my 20+ year battle with anorexia nervosa.   Although the hypnosis session was successful in providing me with some short term relaxation and separation from the constantly nagging and abusive eating disorder “voice”, I needed more that what hypnosis could offer me ... I needed BWRT®.

The changes that have occurred within me throughout the past month and a half of weekly BWRT® sessions with Colleen are too great to summarize in a few sentences.  That being said, I can say that the most valuable thing I have learned through this process is that I needed to stop searching for “the fix” … I needed to stop searching for the person/thing/technique that held the key that would set me free.  

Unlike all the other practitioners and therapists I had worked with, Colleen did not claim to have such a key. Instead, she believed that I alone held the key.  She believed that the answers I was so frantically searching for could only be found within myself.  And, she believed that through the use of BWRT®, she could help guide me in finding my own truth.  This was a novel (and welcome) concept!  I wasn’t being TOLD what to think ... how to feel … what “tools” to use in various “triggering” situations!!  BWRT® allowed ME to sit in the driver’s seat.  It put ME in control of what I wanted for my life.  It gave ME a voice.  The idea in and of itself was incredibly empowering.  

So what does this look like?  Because of the complex nature of my eating disorder and associated issues, we decided that working on small, but significant issues each week was the most practical and effective use of our time.  Each week, I choose something from the past that is causing me distress in the present … and as Colleen guides me through the process, I am able to create a NEW response to the specific event or situation that originally brought with it the uncomfortable (and often intolerable) reaction.  This was incredibly liberating!!! I didn’t HAVE to react, respond, FEEL the way I always had … I could create something NEW and rewire my neuropathways to respond in more tolerable, functional, and manageable ways. The possibilities were endless … and they were MINE … I could create anything I wanted!!!  

BWRT® is not a cure or a “quick fix” for anorexia nervosa … but it DOES play a significant role in my overall healing and transformational process.  With the correct guidance from a trained BWRT® practitioner like Colleen, I am now able look within, rewrite my past, and create MY desired future.  WHAT A GIFT!!!  Thank you, Colleen!!"

Beth B.

Columbus, OH

"Just wanted to check in and let you know I have not had one hot flash since our session two weeks ago. I am beyond thrilled with the results. Thanks!"

Angela B.

Columbus, Ohio

"I saw Colleen because I had been looking for a job for seven long, painful months and I just couldn't face another interview. My confidence was at an all-time low and it was affecting my interviews. I brought in a checklist of "wants" (more confidence, relaxing during interviews, feeling positive and optimistic) and she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Then she made suggestions in her warm and soothing voice. I had an interview the next week and, I cannot explain it, but I was so relaxed and confident that my words just flowed and I guess I came off pretty well, because I got the job!!! Life feels so full of possibilities. Thanks, Colleen!"

Linda B.

​Columbus, OH

"I've always been a strong believer in the power of hypnosis. The mind is powerful and we need to harness that power and I firmly believe hypnosis can help you do that. My main goal in hypnosis was weight loss. My brain knew all the right things to do, but getting my body to follow through was the hard part. Colleen's detailed and tailored hypnosis truly helped me focus on what I know I should do and change the way I think about food and exercise. The messaging was personal to me and my goals. It was tailored directly for me and me only to truly get to the heart of what I wanted to accomplish and what I wanted to get out of the sessions. I can honestly say I feel like a different person. My whole mindset has changed and I already see positive changes taking place in my body. Four sessions of detailed and personalized messaging has truly made me a better person and I can't thank Colleen enough!"

Angie G. 

Columbus, Ohio

"...I always enjoyed Colleen's soothing voice and "awakened" feeling refreshed from the affect of her calming voice massage...always a great stress reliever."

Genny H.

Delaware, Ohio

​"I am doing great. My husband has actually noticed [and] I seem to be resting much better as well...This was one of the best things I have ever done."

Erin A.

Columbus, Ohio