Warriors, Settlers & Nomads: Discovering Who We Are & What We Can Be

by Terence Watts

"Based upon the concept of evolutionary psychology, this is a guide to self-discovery and self-liberation. Warriors, Settlers & Nomads utilises powerful hypnosis and visualisation techniques in a programme designed to release our hidden potential. " A work of genius." Joseph Keaney PhD DPsych BA DCH, Director, ICHP, Cork, Ireland" (excerpt from the Amazon description linked to title and picture of the book cover)

7 Ways and 7 Days to Banish Your Anxiety - Getting a Grip and Letting it Go by Terence Watts

"Banishing anxiety for good has never been easier than with the information within this book. Starting from the simple concept that understanding a problem is key to resolving it, you will immediately begin to see that anxiety is clear evidence of the absolute power of your mind. It's actually power that you will soon be able to direct like a laser-beam into the very core of the problem to fix it via a series of carefully structured exercises, each one steadily building towards a new and confident approach to life." (excerpt from Amazon description linked to title and picture of the book cover)

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Smashing Depression: Escaping the Prison and Finding a Life

by Terence Watts

This book can help the sufferer of mild to moderate depression overcome the biggest hurdles to emotional health - negative beliefs and poor self-worth. Between them, these two processes generate the debilitating idea that there is no hope for a brighter future or what many may refer to as a "normal" life. This book details a seven-step program that allows the reader to discover and eliminate subtle subconscious processes that lock depression in place.

By following this program, readers can find their true selves that may have been "locked away" for years, discover whether conscious change or subconscious acceptance is needed, and learn how being active instead of reactive is the way forward. Watts bases his program on many years of working directly with sufferers and successfully helping them find their way back to emotional health. He offers a permanent solution to reshape your life and attitude toward self. In short, the book is a blueprint that will help you set yourself free! (summary of Amazon description linked to title and picture of the book cover)

BWRT® Reboot your life with BrainWorking Recursive Therapy

by Terence Watts

"BWRT is a completely personalised therapy that is customised specifically to the way your brain and mind work. The technique has a strong foundation in science and evolutionary biology and is designed to work directly in the cognitive gap between the reptilian complex responding to a trigger (such as a stressful situation) and the individual becoming aware of what's happening. This enables the individual to overwrite whatever problem they're experiencing with new information and in this book Terence Watts details the steps of the procedures to help you achieve this outcome." (excerpt from Amazon description linked in title and book cover)

Lord Shiva and the Channeler: The Hauntings and Divine Possession by the Hindu God of Destruction

by Marquan Moorehead

Colleen is proud to be the editor of Marquan Moorehead's autobiography, Lord Shiva and The Channeler. This book details Marquan's life, three near-death experiences, and subsequent experiences into awakening and channeling of Lord Shiva and others.