The Weight Loss-Diet Targeted Hypnosis Package supports weight loss goals with a focus on changing the way you eat and making healthy food choices.  

Session 1-"Easy Weight Loss" addresses general habits and attitudes around food, exercise and how you view yourself.
Session 2-"Healthy Choices & Portion Control" focuses on making better choices around the types and amounts of food you consume and the activities you choose when you have spare time.  
Session 3-"Healthy Eating" is designed to make nutritious food more appealing with visualization of vibrant colors and suggestions that drive craving for what is good for you.

Session 4-"Healthy Food Choices" presents you with a number of common scenarios...eating out at a restaurant, going to a movie, shopping at a grocery store...and guides you through selections that support your goals.  The suggestions end with a visualization of you in the "control room" of your mind adjusting dials to meet your goals.

‚ÄčTargeted Hypnosis Packages are $147 for the package of four sessions.  
The set of four session recordings  (one per session) is available for an additional $10.