The Stop Smoking Targeted Hypnosis Package supports your goal to reduce or stop smoking.

Session 1--"Cutting down on Smoking" lays a foundation for reducing smoking so that you can ease into the change if you wish.

Session 2--"Road to Stopping Smoking" takes the you on a journey that makes the idea of not smoking much more appealing, showing the perils of smoking and the benefits of not smoking

Session 3--"Good-bye to Smoking" addresses the many times during the day and different situations that may trigger reaching for a cigarette.
Session 4--"Cigarette Cravings" is designed to support residual craving for nicotine and cigarettes after you have stopped smoking.

Targeted Hypnosis Packages are $147 for the package of four sessions.  
The set of four session recordings (one per session) is available for an additional $10.