The Sports Performance Targeted Hypnosis Package supports your goal to excel in sports.

  • Session 1--"Excelling at Sports" is designed to improve performance in any sport in which you may be involved.  It involves a powerful visualization exercise to prime you for success.
  • Session 2-- "Increase Endurance" provides techniques for pushing past your self imposed limitations so that you can stretch and challenge yourself to accomplish more.
  • Session 3-- Oxygen is critical to sports excellence. "Increased Lung Capacity" is a session that supports your ability to get the most out of your respiration.
  • Session 4-- How you view yourself has an impact on your performance. The "Personal Confidence" hypnosis session to build a positive image of yourself that will support your goals to excel at your sport.

Targeted Hypnosis Packages are $147 for the package of four sessions.  
The set of four session recordings (one per session) is available for an additional $10