The Business Performance Targeted Hypnosis Package supports your goals to excel at work in a business setting. 

Session 1- A session on "Affluence" trains your mind to think about success positively and fulfill your true potential.
Session 2- "Executive Skills" focuses on unlocking and/or heightening the skills you need to be successful as an executive leader.   
Session 3- Negotiation is a critical skill in any position.  This session on "Natural Negotiation" helps to make this a skill you don't have to think about!
Session 4- How you view yourself has an impact on how you perform in business. With "Career Confidence" you can build a positive image of yourself that will support your goals to excel at work.


Targeted Hypnosis Packages are $147 for the package of four sessions.  
The set of four session recordings  (one per session) is available for an additional $10.